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The AUKPI has launched a series of webinars which, over the coming months, will give those working in payments the chance to hear up to the minute discussion and thought leadership on the key regulatory obligations which payment firms will need to address operationally.

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Subjects dates and speakers so far confirmed are as follows:
13th August 2020 Payments regulation Grant Thornton
16th September 2020 To be confirmed
  • 13th August 2020
    Payments regulation Grant Thornton
  • 16th September 2020
    Subject to be confirmed



Commercial partnership opportunities for corporate members

Technology providers are at the pioneering forefront of the emerging payments market place. But to maximise commercial opportunities, firms must introduce the benefits of their product to the regulated payment firms who are offering payment services directly to consumers and business.

By becoming a corporate member of the AUKPI and a commercial sponsor, you will have the chance to promote your products directly with the leading firms in the UK who need your solutions to deliver quicker, more efficient and more compliant payment services.

Become a corporate member now, and promote your service at a forthcoming AUKPI webinar

When  you join us as corporate member, we will give you the opportunity, on a ‘first come first served’ basis to present your service directly to our member companies and other payment firms who may subscribe to the webinar.

Each webinar will last for 1 hour, and will feature two speakers.
  • A ‘thought leadership’ presentation from a regulatory advisor on a current hot topic (30 minutes)
  • A presentation from a commercial sponsor with a product or solution which will be of interest to our member firms (30 minutes)

Dates and arrangements so far confirmed as follows:

13th August 2020 Payments regulation Grant Thornton LexisNexis Risk Solutions
16th September 2020 To be confirmed


benefits summarised

We are offering you now the chance to join our association as a corporate member.

The benefits of membership include opportunities to:
  • Commercial membership for 2020 is £1,000.

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Dominic Thorncroft

AUKPI Head of Secretariat